A petition for GOA to listen to its community and change its ways regarding its Flash Website.

As you may know GOA always use flash for their website, but it has become increasingly annoying for many of GOA's Warhammer customers.

We are now asking for GOA to re-design its website along the same lines as Mythics website for better performance and information.

Flash is not the best format to be used for an entire website reasons being the following:

- Security. Flash player has had security flaws in the past (WoW customers got caught out by it a few months back I think) over and above those in browsers.

- Usability. No back button, yuck. Why make us all puzzle through bespoke interface conventions when everyone is already famliar with those in their browsers?

- Performance. No huge for me, but Flash has definitely more sluggish responses over standard HTML content.

- Player availability. Some networks won't let you install a Flash player.

So basically what you sign for is the following:

We the gaming community of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning on the servers currently ran by GOA, call on GOA to re-design its website and not force the use of flash on its website. We also call on GOA to frequently update its website with information as soon as they have it and include the much awaited Realm WAR and server status pages we were promised a month ago.

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