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why is incest illegal in UK? the law was put there to protect children. so why does it stand if two consenting adults love each other and want to be together. you cannot help who you fall in love with and it should not be illegal for two adults to love each other related or not. it is the same relationship as any. if both people want the relationship it should not be stopped and they should be able to stay together and be happy. the only reason it should be illegal is for children who cannot protect them selves or do not give consent to the relationship. it is legal in a lot of countries for example france so why not in the uk. the law says it is there to stop people commiting incest from having children but if a couple does not want children why is the law there? no one should have the right to stop love. incest should be made legal to all consenting adults the relationship does not hurt anyone.

I feel that government and society has no right in deciding who would and should not fall in love and with whom they should and should not fall in love with. Incest should be considered a crime solely in the cases of the innocent people (children) that are being assaulted by those that they should feel no harm from.

openly wanting a loving caring relationship with one who happens to have some of the same DNA is NOT something that should be severely punished.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK parliament to change UK incest laws

The changes that I feel should be made are as follows:

it should be legal for all consenting adults to be in a relationship with a relative or same DNA. it is there choice to be in the relationship and we cannot help who we fall in love with. the relationship is not hurting others.

As for consenting adults that choose or happen upon a relationship with a person of the same DNA, I feel they should be left alone.

We ask that the law of incest between relatives be lifted so that those in these relationships may finally live without fear of prosecution.

The Law should be changed regarding the “consensual” relations of related persons. Any person 18 or older should be able to choose whom they want a relationship with, without fear of prosecution. Brother-Sister, Cousins, etc. (1/2, full, or by marriage.) sexual relations should be permitted as long as both parties consent to it and are of legal age. Other peoples morals should not be allowed to dictate law.

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