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Which is harder to find the higgs boson or love?

Therefore I believe love is a "good" analogy for the higgs boson. Life appears meaningless until "love" joins it, and things have little meaning without love, therefore the higgs boson could be metaphorically renamed as the "Love particle".

How do people long for love but never find it, it finds them. For love still exists in space where there is no gravity.

Unless you believe in love, you will never find it. If scientists never believed the higgs boson was possible, would the multi-billion pound LHC have been built?

...and when many people refer to the God particle, it feels more of a insult to believers, as how many people who distinctively believe God does not exist will look for a particle they don't believe exists? It appears to misrepresent both parties. The higgs boson particle is thought to be associated with a field that is responsible for giving other particles their mass.

Please can we stop misrepresenting knowledge and respect, that science and religion can co-exist together. That one must cease. Love is the highest respect possible. I love science. I love God, I love you. But to prove love, would require a more powerful experiment than the LHC, it requires life.

The "Love Particle" explains how we can finally move on and not be stuck with backward ideologies.

(Apologies for wording, this is my first petition).

We call for the "God particle" to be changed to be called the "Love particle".

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