#Civil Rights
The Ministry For Children and Families

The "child protection policy undermines parents rights". It infringes on, Life liberty and security of a person! Parent’s right to be free from the psychological harm, caused by the apprehension of a child especially when
a decision to deprive natural parent's, of their children was particularly due to serious consequence, of the states conduct!

Make Ministry for Children and Families accountable! Deprivation is one of the Most distressing of all Human emotions, what is equally distressing is
when parent's have been wrongfully deprived of their children!

The "child protection system" is failing to keep our children safe they are put into questionable foster homes and a roller coaster of visits with their parents which children suffer harm and it needs to stop!

We the undersigned, want the legislation to enforce an investigation before the Child is apprehended not
to wait for a court hearing, better provisions regarding access to our children, not just once a week or once a month, the policy in respect to access has to change. Furthermore parents demand better services and that services should be provided without limitation.

Provide us the services we are entitled to improve services for parents, including parents with disabilities so they can participate fully in their children's lives as much possible without interference! Parents should have equal protection before the law, in particular without discrimination!

Since parents rights are fundamental to the "child protection policy" in British Columbia, we the undersigned want the policy to change so, that it protects our rights, in light of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms! Parents do have rights!

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