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From 2011 up to 2016, there have been three distinctive referees for the state of origin games. Shayne Hayne, Ben Cummins and Gerard Sutton. All three referees have throughout their careers shown a favourable demeanour towards the Queensland Team, giving off the impression that they are in fact maroon sympathisers.

Queensland Rugby League chairman Peter Betros himself admitted that they had been given some favourable calls from the referees during the game.

In the last two years in Origin, the Maroons have won five of the six penalty counts.
Captain Cameron Smith is a master manipulator of the referees, has on several occasions been filmed asking for a penalty every single tackle.

In order for QLD to win a game, they use cheap tricks to favour their odds (such as contesting Semi Radradra playing for NSW).

The referees blatantly ignore Qld actions that should be penalised.

Inglis punched a NSW player in the face when he was tackled, which was ignored completely by referees and players combined. The referees awarded QLD 4 penalties in a row for what can only be seen as soft penalties.

I call for the NRL to change referees in the hope that we can have fair games, where both sides are penalised for their actions.

As Gerard Sutton and Ben Cummins are seen as being biased, this increases the chance of the games being rigged from the start just by the referee choices.

We, the undersigned, call on the National Rugby League to choose new referees for the State of Origin games in the hopes that this will create a more fair and enjoyable game for all sides.

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