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HCI Consultants LLC, Horry County Injustice
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I am a Retired SC State Trooper and former employee of the Horry County Police Department Internal Affairs Division. While working in Internal Affairs I personally witnessed actions of officers that concerned me as a retired Law Enforcement Officer and a Citizen Of Horry County and South Carolina.

The way the S.C. SECTION of law 23-1-240. Body-worn cameras; definition; guidelines; policies and procedures; fund; data release is written, it denies the access of the camera footage to the general public under the Freedom Of Information Act. By doing this it offers and insulates an officer and it's department from being transparent with the public of any apparent wrong doing.

I believe in todays world of Law Enforcement it is imperative that we have transparency to build trust and a stronger bond between our Citizens and our Law Enforcement Agencies. With Transparency comes a true commitment to service and a better working relationship between Law Enforcement Agencies and the Ones They Have Sworn to Protect!


"WE, the undersigned, call on the South Carolina Governor, the S.C. Senate, the S.C.House of Representatives and the S.C. Legislative Council to change S.C. Section of law 23-1-240 Body-worn cameras to allow the Body-Worn Camera Footage to be accessible to the General Public under S.C. Title 30 Chapter 4 Law "S.C. Freedom Of Information Act". in the name of Jason Scott Miller.

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