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High school students must take certain courses to graduate. Although it is important that students study all the core subjects, many of the required classes will not benefit certain students in the future. Schools should permit individualized curriculum that aligns with a student's interests. For example, math skills taught in school are impractical for many students. Required math courses should cover how to prepare taxes, how to budget, how to get a loan and how the stock market works. If a student wants to pursue a career that requires math, then they should have the option to take additional math classes. Likewise, students interested in music may not need certain science classes. If students choose their own curriculum, they may find school more meaningful, and the drop out rate may decrease. More importantly, students may feel like they are learning things they can actually use in the future.

Americans need to stand for high school students' rights and to take only those classes that will benefit them and help them prepare for their future career.

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