Santa Rosa County Board of Education, City of Milton, Milton Police Department
United States of America

Bullying in our community has reached an all time high. Right now there are very little policies in place to address this growing destructive behavior. Children are hurting one another, parents are worried, schools seem to not know what to do and the police are only called when it is too late. Teen suicide because of bullying is becoming a tragic result of this destructive pattern. With social media being an instrument of bullying even outside of school activities, new policies and procedures need to be put into place. The parents, school, city and police should be working together to Stop bullying before it escalates to a dangerous level.

We, the undersigned, call on the Santa Rosa County School Board (including our local schools in the city of Milton), The City of Milton with elected officials, and the Milton Police Department to implement strict policies and procedures when a complaint of bullying is made by parents and/or students. We call for tougher rules to hold bullies, parents, and anyone associated with any incident of bullying accountable for their actions. We call on the above mentioned entities to work together with parents to address the epidemic of bullying in our schools and communities. We ask that more information be made available to parents on the proper procedures to report bullying. We call on the Police Department to provide information to parents on when a bullying issue should be reported to their office as a criminal act and the proper procedure to do so. We demand that this issue be taken seriously so that no child must suffer the effects of bullying. We believe bullying is criminal in nature and should be treated as such by authorities.

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