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At this moment at Centrelink, the youth allowance for 18-21 year olds who are going to study, have to work 18 months full time prior to study to be eligible for youth allowance, or their parents have to earn 32,000 or less. With the current economic crisis, there are hardly any jobs out there, especially part time or casual jobs for students.

How are students meant to pay for books, stationary, bus tickets, livelihood? Just because they live with their parents, does not mean they may not pay board/food and it definitely does not mean that the parents give them an, "allowance" each week. If you have ever been persecuted by this issue, please sign this petition. I will be taking it to my local MP at Reynell, also forwarding it to Julia Gillard, Minister for Education and if need be, I will lobby it to the media.

This legislation needs to change and we need YOUR help!

We, the undersigned request the Australian Labor Party, the current Australian government, to change the legislation regarding the Centrelink youth allowance, "Independence test".

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