The Scottish Football Association (SFA)

Last season a new initative was started by the SFA in relation to introducing video evidence. If Gordon Smith and the SFA are serious in wanting to clean up the game in relation to simulation or career threatening challenges, as they have indeed indicated. Then they need to be consistent in their actions.

The Celtic supporters who have signed this petition are behind the SFA's initiative and call for Scottish Football’s governing body to act with clarity and consistently in order to keep the integrity of our game intact.

Gordon Smith himself has been vocal in his support of video evidence. Indeed it was his initiative last season which brought up players from either side of the Old Firm for bringing the game in to disrepute. Cheating in the case of Kyle Lafferty and for dangerous play in relation to both Scot McDonald and Glen Loovens , with the later still waiting to be concluded. While we applaud the SFA for taking action in these instances we feel this standard should be used across the board. It would seem Mr Smith would agree with this premise, as his recent call for Uefa to use video evidence, in order to take action against Eduardo would indicate.

Celtic fans are now questioning the consistency of Mr Smith’s initiative. After a host of dangerous challenges which went unpunished during Sunday's Old Firm game, seem to have been ignored. Celtic fans are seeing double standards when both McDonald and Loovens are deemed to have cases to answer over dangerous tackles. If there is one rule for one then surely the same rule should be applied across the board.

As yet no indication has been forthcoming from the SFA, indicating that video evidence will be applied for the following incidents?

Lafferty with his groin high challenge on Zheng Zhi, studs stamped, no attempt to play the ball, the intent was clear. (no action taken by the ref)

Weir with his over the ball challenge on McDonald, studs up, dangerous challenge (no action taken by the ref)

Novo knee high challenge on Wilson, studs stamped, no attempt to play the ball, the intent was clear. (no action taken by the ref)

Miller on McDonald, Weir pushes the striker from behind as Miller comes in from the front with studs raised knee high. Least contact made but still the intent was there, (ref saw it gave the free kick but no card)

Novo deliberate handball, this time the referee saw it as he indicated the ball struck Novo's arm, yet no 2nd yellow card.

Celtic fans expect consistency and are asking for a full review of Sunday’s Rangers Celtic game. We also ask for both Shaun Maloney and Mark Wilson’s yellow cards to be rescinded. While we accept both instances were not clear cut penalty decisions equally they were not clear cut in relation to simulation.

Just as referees must be 100% sure in awarding a penalty they should have to be 100% sure a player has deliberately dived to gain an advantage. Perhaps questionable decisions in this area should also be reviewed by a panel at a later date for suitable punishments to be awarded or for cards to be rescinded.

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