#Students' Rights
North Central College
United States of America

In 2016 it was reported that there were ten instances of either sexual abuse or sexual harassment on the North Central College campus. This news was upsetting and surprising to us. As students who live both on and off campus, it made us think about what resources and policies our administration has in place to help aide students when tragic incidents like this occur. Our goal with this petition is for North Central College Administrators to see that students want to get involved with, and be better educated on sexual harassment and abuse on campus. By signing this petition you are advocating for more easily accessible information on who to talk to and where to go when you or someone you know has been harassed or abused on campus as well as stricter policy on sexual harassment training requirements for all students and staff.

We, the students and staff of North Central College, call on North Central College to provide more literature and resources on sexual harassment and abuse in more easily accessible areas as well as creating a more strict policy on sexual harassment training for students and staff.

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