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The Cannabis Community has been harassed, we have been discriminated against, we have had our loyal following of patients in need cut off from information. We have had our basic Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech trampled on! This country was built on freedom of speech and our forefathers have fought war after war to protect it, not so that some big tech oligarchs could strip it away with no just cause at their will with no warnings or opportunity to remediate any just concerns to user agreement. This is not right and it is the responsibility of IG to take whatever measures necessary to protect the Free Speech of all users whether they agree with their ideals or not.

We as the Cannabis industry are coming together with One Voice to stand up against the Unjust and Unwarranted treatment of our pages both directly and indirectly by Instagram/Facebook.
We and our close friends and constituents and family have ever increasingly been under attack and censorship by the system that is Instagram.
We stand United against tyranny in any face and and feel it appropriate that our valid and growing concerns are addressed.

The ongoing censorship of cannabis related material on accounts under the guise of protecting the community when many licensed cultivation’s have been deleted or disabled without any illegal activities whatsoever. We feel that the ongoing harrasment and silencing of ideas and content that is helping the legitimate Sick and dying patients is categorically un American and distasteful.
We ask in good faith inna comple let overhaul of the manner in which Cannabis related accounts are handled and we want the legitimate and positive accounts that celebrate this natural healing plant returned to our brothers and sisters in this legitimate and growing business. We ask simply fair treatment and a Chance to help the community that we both serve. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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