The Honourable The Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition is dedicated to the single aim of demanding that the Aus government immediately begin a national trial of pure Cannabis oil for cancer patients.

There is a literal mountain of verified scientific evidence from the last 40 years of studies to suggest that ingesting a gram of pure cannabis oil a day for a minimum of 60 days will kill/start to regress most cancers and tumours and that over 90% of cancer patients will achieve significant, long term relief and in many cases complete remission of their cancers and tumours.

We say it is inhumane to deny these people the cure/relief when it exists for use right now, and that the only reason for it being held back is the vested interests of Big Pharmaceutical companies and their political enablers (our politicians).

Before signing we suggest you read Jack Herer's book online on his website JackHerer.com 'the emporor wears no clothes', and you will clearly see that up until 100 or so years ago, and the advent of the Rockefellers, DuPont and William Randolph Hearst, Cannabis/Hemp was the most important plant in the history of the human species.

With your understanding, compassion and courage, it will be again.

Much love and hope for our suffering needy citizens. Help them.

Daryl Aberhart
January 2014

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This petition of: Certain citizens of Australia.

Draws to the attention of the House:

There is mounting, undeniable scientific evidence to suggest that the ingestion of 1 gram of pure, medical grade cannabis oil on a daily basis will achieve significant health outcomes for 90% of our cancer patients. These results will range from slowing the spread of disease, to , in a large number of cases, complete remission from cancer.

We humbly ask that each member of the house please take the time to read the book, 'The Emporer Wears no Clothes' by Jack Herer (read online at JackHerer.com) so they can make an informed decision after absorbing the facts contained in the most comprehensive, well researched, factual, and above all else HONEST book about Cannabis ever written.

We the undersigned petitioners therefore ask the House to: Immediately and without delay make 100% pure medical grade cannabis oil available to any and all cancer patients in Australia who would wish to take it as an alternative to traditional therapies.

We also ask that a statistically significant, nation-wide scientific trial of cannabis oil on cancer patients begin immediately and without any unwarranted delays.


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