Discovery Channel
United States of America

Our idea is for the show to encompass the a dog food or treat recipe, a segment for skills and tricks they can teach their dogs for fun or for helpfulness, a segment for informational interviews with people such as State Veterinarians (they can talk about the different dog laws in their states), USDA (tips and rules for travelling in and out of the US), Dog Scouts of America (their mission, their beginning and latest news), Service Animal Organizations, Therapy Dog Organizations, American Kennel Club, Dog Obedience Clubs, Agility Clubs, Flyball Groups, Frisbee Groups, Various Town Officials on the dog laws in their towns (beaches, dog parks, etc) and many more to come.

We, the undersigned, wish to see Canine Buffet Cooking Show produced by the Discovery Channel, so that we-the viewers will learn how to safely cook for and feed our dogs and how to teach them helpful skills.

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