#Neighborhood Living
Concerned residents & homeowners effected by crime increase in our community
United States of America

The City of San Jose is looking to open and maintain numerous homeless shelters to support the rising amount of homeless people in our city. The representative for district 2 in San Jose, Sergio Jimenez is supporting a temporary homeless shelter to be opened and maintained in the open lot of the corner of Monterey Road & Branham Lane. This homeless shelter is currently listed as temporary however might become a permanent shelter in time. Numerous homeless people will have an opportunity to reside in our community without any plan from the City in place on how to reduce the crime that comes along with a homeless community. Research shows that crime exponentially increases within 500 feet (approximately 1/10th of a mile) of a homeless shelter.

Please sign this petition to send a message to Sergio Jimenez that the safety and security of our children should be his main focus and the reason he is the elected official for district 2 representing the people residing here. Considering there is a public library and Hayes mansion park within 500 feet distance of the proposed location for the homeless shelter the residents of this community strongly encourage for the City officials to consider a different location for the new homeless shelter.

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