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My dear friends,
I know that the following petition may incite some people to become upset with me, but I believe that the truth must stand, regardless of who supports it.
Disney Channel, the famous home of ever-memorable, creative, and heart-warming children's programming, loved by all: your founder, Walt Disney, a great man, would have never imagined that the shows which are currently on Disney Channel would ever be there. I ask you to reconsider your position in choosing to have the show "Andi Mack" on your channel. This show includes a homosexual storyline, with one of its characters coming out as gay. As we know, there will be many young children watching this show, and this gives them the impression that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. Before continuing any further, I would like to present to you some important statistics.

1. Drug/Alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide are all extremely high in the LGBT community, significantly higher than many other groups of people.

2. The founding fathers of our country, who wrote the Constitution, considered homosexuality to be a harmful lifestyle, in a similar way that our culture today considers incest to be harmful. This is clear from their writings, and from the history of the United States in general.

3. Contrary to what some popular surveys have sought to show, homosexual men account for a great number of cases of child molesters. This is can be proved very clearly by looking at the unfortunate abuse scandals of the Roman Catholic Church---nearly all the abusers are homosexual men, who have been abusing boys. This is a fact which unfortunately cannot be denied.

In light of this, I firmly believe we should urge Disney to remove this harmful show from their channel, because children do not deserve to have such controversial issues pushed in their face at such a young, innocent age.

As a final note, I wish to clarify that I love homosexuals very much. I do not in any way consider them, as persons, to be "inferior" in any way to someone who is not a homosexual. I only wish the best for all people, and I wish for our youth to be healthy and happy.
I thank you for reading this, and please forgive me if I have wronged anyone in any way.

Dear Disney Channel, we call upon you to remove the show "Andi Mack" from your channel--a channel which has for many years been the home of wonderful children's programming, loved by all--we ask you to remove this show from your channel, because we believe there are topics contained therein which are not fitting for children--namely, the theme of homosexuality. It is important for children to consider these issues for themselves, rather than having them pushed on them at such a vulnerable, impressionable age. We ask you: what would Mr. Walt Disney say about this issue? Thank you for reading this.

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