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Looking at the past thirty-some odd years I have been alive. I have seen us fight our friends, family, and coworkers on a place we should all be able to grow and thrive. Some think this country is great, I think we could be so much more. I am one of the people who live in the USA. Shouldn't we be heard for a change instead of being ignored? Bills keep getting passed that we have no control over, signing, voting, screaming at the top of our lungs that aren't heard. I want to be heard, I want us all to be heard, there is no reason one of us cannot have the office of president if we do not come from money. We have done it that way since the institution of the office, let us do something different!

There is a severe lack of candidates that actually come from blue-collared backgrounds. It is always people that come from large referendum of money who do not come from the people who actually have to deal with the situations granted in this country of ours. That is why I want to run for president, however, to run without having money at the hand to be a PAC or SuperPAC takes a different sort of initiative. Specifically signatures on a petition, an amount in the 5,000 range, with 200 from each state. I want to try, I want to be a voice to those I have worked side by side with, have dined with, travelled with, I want my voice heard, their voice heard, and your voice heard. I am offering to change the way, or at least attempt to, change the way we're represented. One of us, who live, work, and toil in this country should be seeing it grow and benefit us, not someone who has never seen the shortages we suffer, or the pain that each one of us deal with because of their policies and decisions. Please help me get the needed signatures to get on the ballot in Virginia, as I do live right here in the state, and do right by us! If this goes through and I find my name there, this will be a win and a different light for all of us.

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