Stephen Atkinson
United Kingdom

Despite an email to Stephen Atkinson asking if/what the Government were going to do about providing free prescriptions for asthmatics (as they already do for a number of groups with life threatening illnesses), all I got in reply was a standard "You can buy a Pre-payment Certificate or apply for help with an HC11 form", neither of which are an option for a lot of people, often on low incomes, but earning too much to receive free prescriptions.

As can be seen from the figures provided by the Asthma Organisation, people are dying every day from asthma but still the Government does not seem to think this disease a priority.
Many people do not use their inhalers simply because of the cost, thus increasing the risk of hospitalisation. Though there are thousands of people suffering from this disease, surely the Government will save thousands of pounds of NHS money by preventing the attacks that lead to hospitalisation.

To help in opening the Government's eyes, please sign this petition.
(I have a copy of the email if anyone would like to view it).

We need to make the Government aware of the problems faced by ordinary people trying to live day to day with this illness.

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