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Europe needs green aviation!

Direct emissions from aviation account for about 3% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions. This is unacceptable. In order to reduce the emissions, a transition towards new technologies and fuels is absolutely necessary.

The emissions from aviation in the European Union are increasing rapidly and a phase shift is needed. The costs of emitting carbon dioxide from fossil fuel are unproportionable and does not reflect the damage caused by climate change.

The EU has set a goal to include aviation in the Emission Trading Scheme. These ambitions have not yet been meet and the current policies are on hold until 2024. The current draft from the ICAO is nowhere near the measures needed in order to tackle climate change and push the aviation industry in the directions needed for a technology breakthrough. The ambitions are to low and the economic signal is not sufficient enough. This is unacceptable.

This petition calls for action in order to reduce the aviation emissions in Europe! We, the undersigned, call for an ambitions European aviation policy that:
- increase the cost of emitting CO2 from aviation
- include the aviation in the European Emission Trading Scheme
- encourage the EU policy makers to aim for more ambitious goals set in the international ICAO process

The climate cannot wait. During the next EU mandate, change towards a more ambitious climate policy is needed. Sign here to join our call for action!

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