State of California
United States of America

Gavin Newsom,
Has taken it upon himself to give healthcare to illegal aliens, raise taxes on all Californians, divert funds to cover healthcare from Foster Care programs here in California. Gas taxes , DMV hikes and much more since taking office. It is time to take care of our own here in California before we support illegal aliens from Mexico, South and Central American and other places from around the world. He has been in office for a little over 7 months now and our spending budget has blown up under his leadership. Boarder crossings are up, sanctuary cities are harboring illegal aliens. The homeless problem is out of control, rents are through the roof and the cost of living has become one of the highest in the nation under his watch. It is time to take California back and bring spending under control, do something to get the homeless off of the streets and start rehabilitation programs as well as health care for them.

We, the undersigned, call on the state to recall Gavin Newsom for failing to govern the great state of California as per the voters of the state of California.He has taken it upon himself to sign into law, healthcare for illegal aliens, take away funding for Foster Care programs here in the state as well has raise taxes on every hard working citizen here in the state. We need to put a stop to this endless spending which is driving the state deeper and deeper into debt.

He has also ignored the federal law when it comes to immigration reform here in the state and is aiding and helping to cities harboring illegal aliens in many cities across the state. This is putting a financial burden on all of the tax payers here in the state. Please sign this petition to recall this Governor before he does anymore damage to out state and it citizens

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