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Lefrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park
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The summer of 2016 was a magical one for many reasons.

At the top of the list is having produced a roller skate jam in my wonderful city of Brooklyn at the gorgeous Lefrak Center in Lakeside Prospect Park. Since then I've wanted to bring Butter Roll, my skate brand back, however it's been difficult in doing so. One because of the financial constraints. I was an ameri-corps volunteer that year and survived on $17,000 a year and I had absolutely no disposable income. I did the best that I could to make it happen. My mom and dad helped me pay for entertainment (aka DJs) and others that believed in me signed on to do it out of love and not for financial gain. Another challenge was getting in at all since my competitors had there hands in it first and call the shots on who can also host nights.

As I prepare for another shot at pitching to Lefrak Center a thought came to me, having folks signing a petition supporting my efforts in getting not just one night this summer of 2019 but a monthly all season long.

Many people asked me "when's the next event?" and with a forced smile and heavy heart I would respond "Whenever they let me". I knew that would not happen again because of how much I had to fight to make it happen in a way that didn't put me in debt, and that also didn't have me sign an unfair contract. I didn't make a dime but ended up paying for entertainment and losing money. I don't think it's fair and I'm almost certain no one else is getting hit with such unfair offers.

I am asking that you sign this petition to support me in getting Butter Roll at Lefrak Center this Spring/Summer/Fall skate season. Having your signatures on hand help me show that not only is there support but an active community behind the brand. Your support is worth more than I can put into words. Because community is so important, I need your help in getting us to a rink to offer more healthier options for our people to have a good time together.

Please share this with your friends. They don't have to just be from Brooklyn or New York. The more, the better my chances to prove that we are worth investing in by adding us to their programming this year.

With all my love,

There should be many skate nights available to New Yorkers, and Butter Roll should be apart of that programming.

Please give Butter Roll a monthly skate party at Lefrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park in 2019. We deserve a party like this, and Lefrak has a great opportunity to add more consistent events that we want.

Get Butter Roll there this skate season!

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