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Butch Walker

Butch Walker - if you reached this petition then I would expect that Butch needs no introduction to you.

If you happen to of reached this petition and have no idea who Butch Walker is.... then drop on by www.myspace.com/butchwalker and check him out.

In the last few years Butch Walker has gradually risen to almost cult status amongst the masses in the USA. Not only has he now conquered the USA, but the UK and Japan have now been fortunate to have Butch tour.

So to all you Aussie Butch fans....can you give a "hell yeah" and by signing your name maybe just maybe we can have Butch here in Australia doing a #1 Summer Jam!!

Brought to you by Milfton Rock.

We, the undersigned, being Butch Walker fanatics located in Australia have signed this petition to give a "HELL YEAH" to Butch Walker and those concerned to show that Australia wants a Butch Walker tour!

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