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The Senate of the United States of America is designed to represent all voices and opinions of senators voting on an issue. Debate is necessary to do this, and endless debate must surely be the ultimate way to do this.

Through this logic, we get what is called the filibuster, or a tool used in the Senate by senators to delay or block legislation by endlessly "debating". Most of the time, this open debate is not debate at all, but merely a distraction.

Because of the lax rules and regulations, whoever has the floor (the party majority in the Senate) can talk about or read anything. For example, from September 24 to September 25 2013, Senator Ted Cruz talked for 21 hours, even reading the popular children's book Green Eggs and Ham to protest a bill regarding Obamacare.

We, the undersigned, call on the Senate to reform its rules and regulations in an effort to abolish the concept of the filibuster.

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The Bust the Filibuster! petition to U.S. Senators and Representatives was written by Andrew Kochinka and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.