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City of Cockburn and WA State Government

It has become obvious that perceived political gain has outweighed a pragmatic approach to this critical infrastructure.
Report after report has shown the overwhelming benefits of Roe 8. Refer DTS 2006 and 2013. Business Case 2014 to Infrastructure Australia and South West Group of Council indeoendant report.
Thus far the fact that Cockburn is a destination for the majority of a Roe 7 Traffic has been ignored. The focus has been on freight when in fact the majority of traffic are workers, customers and service providers. The lessening of freight on local roads going to Fremantle Port is just an added bonus. Further, environmentally Roe 8 will have less impact than the required road upgrades to compensate for its loss. Beeliar Regional Park will be impacted from the north to south Boundary of Cockburn with road upgrades to make up for loss of Roe 8.
The proposed outer harbour and Latitude 32 does not mitigate the need for Roe 8. The Outer harbour and Latitude 32 will in fact generate even more traffic which will be serviced by Roe 8 in conjunction with a grade separated Stock Road.

We the undersigned urge state and local government to facilitate the construction of Roe 8 as proposed by MRWA urgently.

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