#City & Town Planning
Governor of Bali

Get Bali to be the leading example in promoting a healthier, more sustainable way to get around! Build cycle paths!

Anybody who have been on a Bali road, whether on a motorbike or car, would know that it is not uncommon anymore to get stuck in traffic. Every households seems to at least have a motorbike that many often use to travel not only far distances but also distances as short as 500meters, contributing to the traffic around Bali and certainly not helping with the air pollution.

Did you know that traffic can impact negatively on one's mental health?

How cool would it be to have cycle paths that would encourage people to get out more, move their body, to be come healthier and to support for a much sustainable future?

Last month, I cycled around the perimeter of Bali in 4 days. I found out that it is not very safe to cycle considering the many motorbikes, cars and trucks that are driving closely sharing the same road. Many people are afraid to cycle in Bali and there is definitely a reason for it. Especially now that I have experienced it.

- Cycle paths will not only encourage locals to start shifting into a much healthier, pollution friendly transportation, but also allow tourists to ride bicycles safely throughout touristic areas.

- Dedicated biking trails/cycle paths that are separated from the normal roads will not only safer but also can contribute in decreasing the amount of traffic on Bali's road.

- Cycle paths will not only promote a much more sustainable way to get around, it will also elevate community feelings and stimulate mindfulness while riding.

We, the undersigned, call on the Bali's government to build cycle paths for a healthier, more sustainable Bali.

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