Australia is in dire need of a New Broadband infrastructure as the current network is not adequate for home and business use. By not implementing the NBN you are holding back Australian businesses from achieving there best in a worldwide marketplace.

The Labor Government has said The NBN will be Australia’s first national wholesale-only open access, high speed broadband platform. They will use Fibre Optic Cables which will replace the Old existing Copper Telstra Network. Labor has pledged to set up online consultations with GPs, allowing regional patients to see a doctor without leaving their home, while NBN Co chief Mike Quigley revealed last week that the NBN would be capable of internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, 100 times faster than originally believed.

The Coalition has proposed investing in a combination of technologies, including fibre optic, cable and wireless, to bring a minimum speed of 12Mbps to 97% of Australians. $1 billion public grant funding and additional, undisclosed private funding for building a wireless network for rural and regional areas
$1 billion on building a metropolitan wireless network focussed on outer metropolitan areas. Rural and Regional Areas would miss out on Fiber Optic and only be provided with Wireless or Satellite Access.

We, the people of Australia, Call upon the Liberal, or independent parties to not disband Labor's National Broadband Network (NBN) but rather to continue its development and adoption by the people of Australia.

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