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Stetson University Administration and Board of Trustees
United States of America

Stetson University has a nationally recognized music program that sends its students to some of the most prestigious graduate music programs in the country.

We have distinguished international faculty, and world-class orchestras, symphonic bands, and choirs. But, we have no real performance space. The renovated Chapel that we currently use is a beautiful space, but it is far too small for most of our ensembles. The orchestra is forced to use stage extensions, which cut audience capacity by more than 100 seats, and operas are often performed off-site at the local high school.

Furthermore, since the closing of Stover Theater, the theater department has been forced to move off-site as well, to the Museum of Florida Art. These off-site options are costing the University money, both in rental costs, and in loss of prospective students that might choose to attend music or theater programs with a large performance space. Also, the University has no large auditorium to use for school-wide presentations and orientation activities.

A performing arts center would give the entire University a place to offer lectures and presentations that is large enough to accommodate most of the student body, and that is equipped with the technology that our guest lecturers are accustomed to at other universities. All of Stetson's performers - be they musicians or thespians, public speakers or presenters, students or faculty - deserve a space to call their own, that is worthy of their talent and that can fully support their artistic and academic endeavors.

Most importantly, a performing arts center would be a much needed addition to the Stetson and Deland communities as a whole. Having a space large enough for distinguished lecture series and large university gatherings, such as convocation or graduation, would so greatly amplify our sense of community. A performing arts center would give all of our students, faculty, staff, and guests a place to commune in celebration of our wonderful university.

We, the undersigned, ask the administration and Board of Trustees of Stetson University to commit in the next year to build a performing arts center in the following five years.

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