#Animal Welfare
Pflugerville City Council
United States of America

1. The current animal shelter is too small and filled to capacity with animals much of the time. There is no outside run attached to the dog shelter so the dogs are unable to get fresh air during the day.

2. The cages for the cats and smaller dogs are very small which leaves the animals very little room to move around and to get proper ventilation.

3. The animal shelter lacks central heating and air conditioning. Even with the use of wall fans, the temperatures in the shelter have reached 95 to 100 degrees. In the winter, since the quarantine-side outside wall is made up of a chain-link fence, a plastic tarp is placed over it to keep the cold air out.

4. The Pflugerville Animal Shelter is not located in a very visible location. It’s behind a subdivision and as a result many citizens and animal rescue groups aren’t aware that it exists.

We, the undersigned citizens of the City of Pflugerville, request that the City of Pflugerville’s governing body allocate funds in the upcoming budget to build a new animal shelter.

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