24 Hour Fitness, Inc.
United States of America

Hey everyone! Turbo Kick use to be at our High Desert 24 Hour Fitness location in Apple Valley. We had at least 2 classes on Tuesday morning and Thursday, but they were dropped and or replaced even at the extreme objection of the gym members. We need Turbo Kick at this location. It's an amazing full body workout and the music is awesome.

Please support, by adding your name and very important, add details on what time and day you would prefer the class to be added to schedule. Thanks in advance for the support!

We, the undersigned, call on 24 Hour Fitness, Inc. to add Turbo Kick back to the Group X Fitness Class Schedule at the Apple Valley, CA location.

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The Bring Turbo Kick Back to 24 Apple Valley petition to 24 Hour Fitness, Inc. was written by Laura Streppone and is in the category Health at GoPetition.