Tokio Hotel Fans In Ireland

Tokio Hotel have failed to come to Ireland to perform so far, despite their growing Irish fanbase. We, as fans, feel neglected because of this. We would love more than anything to have Tokio Hotel come to Ireland on their next tour, whenever that may be.

So, to give a more to-the-point overview, here's what we'll do:

-Get as many Irish fans as possible to sign the petition.
-Send word forward to TH's manager, along with a short letter/e-mail telling why the petition was started.
-Hope for a response and/or some sort of confirmation.

We, the undersigned Irish Tokio Hotel fanbase, ask that at least one Irish performance be scheduled, so that we can finally attend a concert by the band we love so much.

We want to show Tokio Hotel that they do, indeed, have a significant Irish fanbase and that we love them and their music.

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