Government of Canada

We the undersigned DEMAND that our government show the ultimate support for our TROOPS by bringing them HOME.

On October 16 2006, Jim Robinson signed a memorial book for one of our fallen soldiers at City Hall in London and then began his walk to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. He collected signatures on route from those wanting to support our troops by bringing them home safely now. He walked for 10 days and covered over 400 mile in efforts to bring a voice to this cause. He is ready to do whatever it takes for the safety of our troops and prepared to walk again until the majority of Canadians are heard and our troops arrive safely home.

So if you agree with 19 out of 20 Canadians and demand that our government show the ULTIMATE SUPPORT for our troops by BRINGING THEM HOME please sign this petition. You can also help by sending this link to everyone you know so we can increase our number of signatures and keep the petition growing. It is in numbers that our voices become loud and strong. With your support we can and will bring our troops back home!

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