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Swans Crossing was a short lived 1992 television series. In short, Swans Crossing is a soap opera, geered towards teenagers, about the interesting lives of twelve wealthy teenagers, some people may not remember this great T.V. show because ti only aired for six months. However, Swans Crossing had a lot of dedicated fans who haven't forgotten about it and are currently searching the web for any info at all on the show.

I made this petition because I am one of the many fans of this short lived series and I would really love to see it on DVD. The show hasn't been on television for about 8 years and I really miss it. Please help us bring it to DVD.

In regards to the show Swans Crossing we, the undersigned, petition that this wonderful series be added to the ever growing DVD collection. We want a box format with all the episodes on it. There is quite a fan base for this show who would surely buy a Swans Crossing DVD. So we hope Sachs Film Distribution will consider this carefully. Thank you!

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