Ok, most of you know that recently, Sonic Adventure came to PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade for purchase (If you didn't then get on your PS3, XBox 360 and buy it, it's bloody epic). But I think that Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle should be released, as (in my opinion) it was a lot better than the first one.

It had better graphics, more fun gameplay, and even a better Chao Garden! And on Battle, you could unlock Heaven/Hell gardens! Let's face it, it was a hell of a lot better. Also, you could add more features like a "Chaos Garden" (a rumour that was never true but would have been amazing if it was), an extended story, a deathless mode for chao garden and, of course, trophies. Personally, I think that this would make you a lot of money and a lot of sonic fans very happy.

We, the people who signed this petition, want Sega to give Sony/Microsoft the right to put Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the PSN/XBLA.

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