Linkin Park, fans of Linkin Park,

Each and every year since it's birth in 2002, Projekt Revolution has toured the United States, and just recently, begun to include Europe in it's touring cycle. It has gradually grown from a single stage, with a small handful of bands, to having two stages, the Main Stage (where Linkin Park and various others play), and the Revolution Stage (where a selection of smaller bands play), and a much larger group of small and big name bands.

Through Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution, and the way in which they choose new bands, from a variety of genre's each to travel with them each year, many bands have received the attention and spotlight so many of them deserve, through their inclusion in such a popular festival.

A festival such a Projekt Revolution touring Australia, would not only mean brilliant music from the likes of Linkin Park, but also the opportunity for many smaller Australian bands, chosen by Linkin Park, to follow them around and gain the attention needed for possible widespread success.

It is because of this that I believe Australia should be included in Linkin Park's annual Projekt Revolution tour.

I, the undersigned, call on Linkin Park to widen their annual tour, Projekt Revolution, to include such areas as Australia, New Zealand and Asia, for the benefit of fans, and the bands which may gain popularity and success through touring with them.

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