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As you all should know, this is a petition to bring Trivium to Townsville. On the 14th of May, Kyle and Ken the Radio Men spoke to the frontman of Trivium, Matt Heafy, about the petition and we captured his reaction in the interview which will be aired on the 5th of June, see below for details.

While we have already given Matt all the signatures we had received by the 14th of May, we will keep this online petition open so that if any one new finds out about the petition they can still sign to bring Trivium up to Townsville. It would be great if the current number of 468 signatures on here could increase a bit more.

Who wouldn't want one of the fastest rising metal bands in the world kicking off the metal scene here in Townsville. According to Kerrang, "Sabbath... Maiden... Metallica... TRIVIUM - The Hottest Metal Band Of The Century." While Trivium has faced a lot of controversy over the past few years we guarantee that after listening to their latest album Shogun as well as seeing the band live you see how Trivium has silenced the critics and you will agree that Trivium has definately earnt the reputation as one of the greatest metal bands of the century.

If all you had to do to help kick the metal scene off in Townsville was to sign this petition and then go to the Trivium concert and have a good time with one of the world's greatest live bands then why wouldn't you do it?

This is a petition started by Kyle and Ken the Radio Men from 103.9 Triple T FM on October 11th 2008 to get one of the fastest rising metal bands in the world, Trivium, to play a show in Townsville, the capital of North Queensland.

This petition isn't just about getting Trivium to Townsville; this petition is about getting metal to Townsville, Trivium is just the band that will kick it all off.

By signing this petition you agree to attend the Trivium concert that may happen in the not too distant future.

Listen to Kyle and Ken the Radio Men on Loop Live 103.9 Triple T FM or at www.triplet.com.au on Friday the 5th of June at 8 PM to hear what Trivium frontman, Matt Heafy, had to say about the petition. We will also be airing parts of our interview with Dez from DevilDriver as well as playing new DevilDriver and Slayer tracks.

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