Lenewee County Michigan
United States of America

This petition is being created for the Madison school system, to bring back Mac and cheese to their lunch menu and add a real world skills cooking class.
Starting sometime in the last 8 years Madison schools have removed Mac and cheese as well as other much loved foods from their lunch menu along with reduced qualities of food.. All responses as to why are along the lines of, too much fat or too much money.
Does the quality of food truly rank so low, that the students opinion about food doesn't matter? Yet the students are forced to take a food choice that almost immediately gets 'donated' before it even touches their tray? And why the heck are most of the foods bought and just warmed up? Where are all the foods that taste homemade? Why is no food made from scratch? And why not have a cooking class to help augment the cost of making home-cooked choices like Mac and cheese for the students? Shouldn't students be taught real world skills, such as cooking?

We, the undersigned, call on the Madison school supervisor Ryan L. Rowe, to add Mac and cheese back to the school lunch menu. And create a real world skill class to teach the NEEDED skill of cooking.

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