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The Weinstein Company & Village Roadshow Limited

“Fanboys” is a comedic Star Wars “Fan-film”, with mainstream production values & funding.

Set in 1998, “Fanboys” tells the tale of a group of hard core Star Wars fans, who decide to travel across America to Skywalker Ranch, in order to steal a pre-release work print of “Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” (the most anticipated film of all times), to ensure that their cancer stricken friend can see the film before his death.

Staring; Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel & Kristen Bell, Fanboys features cameos by Carrie Fisher, Ray Park, Billy Dee Williams, Seth Rogen, Ethan Suplee, William Shatner, Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes, making it a "Must see" movie for Star Wars fans Everywhere!

Originally to be released on August 17th 2007, during post-production director Kyle Newman acquired funding to shoot additional scenes, pushing the release date back to January 2008. Trouble re-assembling the cast for the re-shoots in 2007 caused the release to be pushed back further, tentatively April 2008. At the San Diego Comic-Con, on July 24th 2008, it was announced that “Fanboys” would be released to theatres on September 19 2008. On Sep 4th 2008, release date was pushed back yet again to November 26, 2008.

After 5 delayed release dates, spanning 18 months (making it now the most anticipated “Fan-film” of all time), “Fanboys” finally received a limited theatrical release in the US on February 6th 2009. Release markets were expanded across the US several times through-out February & March.

The film was released in Canadian & Greek theatres, on April 3rd & 9th respectively.

April 8th 2009, it was announced that Australia & New Zealand (among others) would be deprived of a theatrical release of “Fanboys”, with the film being scheduled for a “direct to DVD release” in these markets.

“Fanboys” is currently screening in Cinemas through-out: USA, Iceland, South Africa, Canada, Singapore & Greece. It opens in theatres across Portugal & Denmark on the April 30th & May 7th respectively.

The US DVD release is slated for the 18th of May 2009.

Are you a Star Wars fan living in Australia or New Zealand? If so, you should be insulted by the dismissal of a South Pacific Star Wars Fan base, as is implied by the decision to deprive the region of a theatrical release!

If you, as an Aussie or Kiwi Star Wars fan, feel angered, & perhaps even alienated by the decision to exclude the South Pacific from a theatrical release, please join this call to arms now.

Sign this petition now, then immediately urge every like minded Star Wars fan you know, to do the same!

The Australian DVD distribution is to be handled by “Village Roadshow”, & it is as yet unclear to the author of this petition, whether it was Weinstein or Roadshow responsible for the decision to deprive South Pacific based Star Wars fans of a theatrical release.
Therefore, this petition is directed to both “The Weinstein Company” & “Village Roadshow Limited”.

Dan Sobolewski.
Brisbane, Australia.

We, the undersigned, realise that the Australian & New Zealand markets put together are smaller than that of some US states. However, we Australian & New Zealand Star Wars fans are strong in number, & find it insulting & alienating to be excluded from a theatrical release of Kyle Newman’s movie “Fanboys”.

We, the undersigned loyal Star Wars Fans, as the providers of your potential profits through our consumption Star Wars related products & services, demand from your companies, the respect that we deserve!

We the undersigned, hereby express our interest in seeing Kyle Newman’s movie “Fanboys” in cinemas, & duly demand that “The Weinstein Company” &/or “Village Roadshow Limited” conduct a theatrical release of this film throughout Australia & New Zealand. “Fanboys” must be screened at cinemas in every capital city & in major regional centres, through-out Australia & New Zealand, immediately.

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