#Animal Welfare
South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Dog Warden, MP for Rother Valley
United Kingdom

"Kai" was seized from his home on Tuesday 14th May 2013, after a neighbour reported to police that "Kai" was a "Pitbull" ! :(

The Police came to the family's property where they proceeded to measure "Kai", then after an assessment within the home (Where "Kai" showed to be a loving and well rounded dog), he was then taken by the Police to a Undisclosed Kennels in another county, where the family are told he will be held while being further assessed.

The family cannot visit or see "Kai" while this takes place and now the family awaits further news on "Kai" reference, court dates, ETC.

This family are now truly heartbroken because of their family member being taken from them, the family includes 4 children who are hurting and confused... wondering why their dog is gone. :(

DDA WATCH ARE involved in this case and are helping the family with legal advice etc.

But we need to make more people aware of how this BSL law needs to be changed, especially when it comes to innocent dogs who have a) done nothing wrong, and b) "Look" like they could be "Of Type".

Please visit www.worldwidecaninecrusade.com, and join for free to help us raise awareness and help change BSL WORLDWIDE.


Nathalie (",) - Co-Admin.

We, the undersigned, call on the powers that be to release Kai back to his family where he belongs.

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