Aberdeenshire Council
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Indicative plans have been drawn up for the Gateway Kintore development on site G60 adjoining the Broomhill junction on the A96 at Kintore.

These plans include a supermarket and filling station, along with hotel, restaurants, nursery, play barn, business and sports facilities, benefitting Kintore, Kemnay, Blackburn and other Garioch communities.

The plans include a proposal to upgrade the Broomhill roundabout, retaining direct access to Kintore for traffic from Aberdeen. Under the alternative plans, this traffic would be diverted.

Wherever you live, if you can see the benefit of Gateway Kintore, please sign the petition.

We support the Gateway Kintore proposal for the A96 Broomhill junction. The facilities it proposes – notably the supermarket, filling station, leisure and sports facilities – are needed in the community now. We also welcome the proposed retention and upgrade of the Broomhill roundabout.

We therefore call on Aberdeenshire Council, its members and officials, to enable the Gateway Kintore proposals to come forward for a decision to the benefit of Kintore and the surrounding area.

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