#Science & Technology
Senator Mary Landrieu
United States of America

May 1, 2006

This petition is calling for an effort to bring the alternative fuel E85 ethanol to the state of Louisiana, as there is not one at the present time.

There is currently an alternative fuel availible in this country called E85 ethanol. It is made from corn, a quite renewable resource, and has been proven better for the environment than the fuels that we presently use.

E85 ethanol helps to reduce green house gas and smog-forming emissions and our dependence on petroleum.

E85 also has a positive effect on your vehicle, improving its performance by having a higher octane rating than gasoline. This allows greater horsepower and torque.

Perhaps the most beneficial reason for E85 is the fact that it will support the domestic agriculture industry of the United States because of the availibility of the product of corn and other grains in our own country.

The State of Louisiana presently has NO locations for the purchase of E85 ethanol. We can all make a difference by showing a sincere effort for this cause.

This petition is to show that the citizens of Louisiana care about the energy industry and would appreciate the availibility of E85 in our state.

We, the undersigned citizens of Louisiana, and other concerned Americans, care about the energy industry and would appreciate the availibility of E85 in Louisiana.

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