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Delta Goodrem came over to the UK and Europe to promote her 1st and 2nd albums and singles but nothing f0r all her other albums and singles. The chart position with Innocent Eyes and how long it stayed in the UK chart is enough proof of how much love and respect there is for Delta and her music,

there was a brief week long trip to London in October 2015 and that week alone proved how much love and support there still is. fans travelled from Europe and all across the UK to see Delta, they did whatever they could to make sure they saw her. Some even greeting her at the airport as soon as she arrived.

After G.A.Y in the early hours of sunday morning after Delta had spoken with every single person individually #TeamDeltaUK and europe broke into song 'Together We are One' first verse. Anyone who was there will agree what a special moment that was. That was us showing our loyalty. The picture of some of us with Delta shows how happy we and Delta were in that special moment and how we all felt that week.

There were many fans from Europe and the UK who travelled to Australia for the 'Wings of the Wild' tour many travelling around the country going to more than 1 date! The 'Thank you' that was held up during her Dear Life' performance in Sydney involved many fans from the UK and Europe. If our jobs and money had allowed we would've all been there; again showing our loyalty.

other artists have openly chosen to sing Deltas songs which signifies a respect for her as a singer-songwriter. Two of them being from the UK who have sold millions of records worldwide. The first being the biggest selling classical singer of the last 25 years Katherine Jenkins. She made her own choice on what Delta song to cover which says more than if it was a record company choice and released as the 1st single from her album Daydream in 2011. Being classically trained Katherine will have a greater understanding of music itself and seeing names like Queen and Andrew Lloyd Webber in her back catalogue of the many people songs she's covered, to us signals an even greater respect. Delta Would fit very well as a special guest on tour with Katherine.

The other is pop band Steps. you only have to read and see the amount of all the amazing twitter responses to their release of 'Dancing with a Broken Heart' a few weeks ago to know how much interest there still is and that people want her back.

We the undersigned call on Sony music UK and Europe to bring Delta Goodrem back to the UK and Europe.

We would like to see Delta over here regularly, CD album and single releases not just iTunes downloads, promo like there was for her 1st album and singles, tv/radio/intimate gigs etc., and promo and release of all her albums and singles over here not just Australia.

When Delta tours Australia we would like a UK and Europe tour to follow. we'd also like concerts that are suitable for all ages such as day time and Saturday performances and ones which are not age restricted as there are some very young fans not just adults and we would like tour dates to be at various locations in the UK not just London.

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