#Consumer Affairs

Dear Kellogg's,

Remember those yellow puffy sweet crispy delightful balls of goodness we ate for breakfast every morning? Yes, your amazing Corn Pops. Please bring them back to Australia. You said you will, if enough of us want it. We love them, we miss them, we need them!

We can't live without them! We toss them around the kitchen, snack on them like popcorn, make bars & slices out of them, and for those of us who eat breakfast cereal, they leave such a divine flavour in every bowl of milk at the end. When you bring them back, I know that I for one will be hoarding them in my pantry like there's no tomorrow!

Much love and anticipation,
The Corn Pops Fan Family

We, the Corn Pops Fan Family, would love your delicious Corn Pops to be back on the shelves in Australia.

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