BTS is hugely popular in Edmonton, and they continue to get popular. With people spending so much money on Merchandise and constantly supporting BTS, a concert here will make money like crazy. If BTS decides to come here, people from all over Canada will come. Even from all over the word. People will go out of their way just for BTS. There is such a huge huge number of fans here and it's guaranteed we will sell out the stadium. It would be huge news that BTS would be officially the first Korean band to come to Edmonton and it will create a lot of buzz for our city. From old fans to new fans, so many people will come to their concert.

BTS has a huge following in Edmonton and it continues to grow. With fans constantly growing, the amount of people that want BTS to come to Edmonton is huge. I am always seeing people with BTS Merchandise, always talking about BTS, always listening to their music. They are a phanominam here and we need to get BTS here! There is so many people in Edmonton and it would be perfect for a big band to come to a big city like Edmonton.

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