United States of America

On 30 June 2009, then SPC Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Now SGT Bergdahl is the only American currently being held captive.

It is time to bring Bowe home!

We, the undersigned, call on the President of the United States of America to formally address the situation regarding the only American service member being held captive in the War on Terror.

Bowe Bergdahl is an American who deserves to be brought home. It has been over three and a half years that he has endured captivity and it is time for him to be rescued. The safe return of SGT Bowe Bergdahl needs to be priority number one.

He is an American who went to war to fight for the freedom of every American citizen and he deserves the proper attention and effort to be rescued and returned to the people and country that love and respect him.

The Bring Bowe Bergdahl Home! petition to President was written by Will Cammarn and is in the category Military at GoPetition.