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Are you tired of all the crap SoA and Archie is giving to Sonic fans? Do you wish you could once again play a new Sonic game without having to shell out 300 bucks for another non-Sega system? Then my friends, you've come to the right place! My name is Usa-chan, a manga/anime creator and hardcore Sonic fan. The only problem is that I haven't bought a single game or a comic after the Sega version of Sonic Adventure 2 was released! What's the deal here?!

1) Archie is still being a group of butt-munches and are continuing to print out piles of shit they expect us to pay almost 3 dollars for.

2) Apparently Sega, world-wide for that matter, thinks that the all concole thing is the best idea they ever cam eup with. The thing is, if Sega is going to produce games for other systems only that means that gamers will have to buy yet another console just to get Sega brand games! Bull shit!

3) The new Sonic just sucks! I don't know why, but maybe it's the characters that gets me. Rouge was just another bad attempt to put a female into a Sonic game, Amy is getting worse, Tails is becoming a Sonic butt-licker, and the English voice overs for the games are worse than those old-godzilla flicks! WHAT THE !!

4) Sonic X finally drove the nail into the coffin. What the fuck is this shit? Sonic gets transported to Earth and he meets all these gay characters! To add to the insult, all the English voive-overs are played by the cock-suckers who play the voice on that vomit-tron show, Poke'Mon.........The show is just horrible. Bad scripts, bad acting, and the art is just ugly.....
AAAHAH!!!!!!!! For everyone who still has hope for Sonic sign this petition for Seag of Japan that they need to get their heads straight! They need to get their asses back into their own concole and start making their own damn games again! In fact, for those of you with ties to Sega of Japan, send them my address:

3101 N. Centennial St.
Indianapolis, In 46222

If you want the true Sonic back, sign this petition!In fact, rant all you want on the American Sonic. Just raise fuckin' hell!

The stuff that Sega of America has been spoon feeding us is a load of crap anyway...

So as a final note, bring back the original Sonic, on an all Sega console.........

We say, Bring Back the TRUE Sonic!

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