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By Phone: (310) 273-6544
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Attn: Fragrance Department
420 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

This is a petition to bring back the original DNA by Bijan Eau De Parfum that was discontinued some time ago.

Bijan discontinued the original DNA EAU DE PARFUM, one of the finest perfumes available on the planet Earth. Over the life of its existence, this perfume, discovered by many to be a superior alternative to fruity fragrances, became the "parfum of choice" to untold numbers of women. With the disappearance of the original DNA, many fans of the stimulating fragrance have found themselves facing an abysmal dilemma.

What can possibly even come close to replacing a fragrance that not only smells so fantastic, but is such a is appreciated by others who smell the fragrance on the woman wearing it? In my idealistic opinion, one person *can* make a difference, and there *is* strength in numbers. I ask you, DNA lover or not, to lend your support to this worthy cause.

Please help me in my endeavor to convince Bijan to BRING BACK the original DNA by signing this easy online petition. My deep thanks and genuine appreciation go out to every signer.
Sincerely, The Undersigned

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