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Nexon, The Creators of the popular free MMO Game Maplestory
United States of America

Maplestory is a popular free MMO Game on the Pc. Maplestory was created by the company Wizet and was debuted in the United States in 2003. Although maplestory was created by Wizet, Nexon Bought Wizet along with maplestory. Ever since the game has been bought and managed by Nexon, it's going down the drain. Many of you early Maplestory users may remember the "Golden Days" of maplestory (2005-2008 or about V62); I sure know that I do.

Those were the days that were the peak of our childhoods, and maplestory was actually a fair, fun, diverse, and enjoyable game. Ever Since the big bang update, Nexon has been getting out of touch with their true fans. Ever since Big Bang, it changed the interior coding of the game and that update would have changed maplestory for bad. Ever since, they have been releasing a lot of useless and unfair jobs. Nexon has removed the fair and fun aspect of Maplestory. Today, Maplestory is not even close to what it was in 2005-2008, it has completely changed. Nexon, I'm not asking for you to change your game completely, I'm just asking for you guys to create another maplestory with Version 62 on it, so we can play the old maplestory again.

Please Nexon, by doing this it will attract more than a million old maplestory players that have quitted because of big bang. This will actually BENEFIT you nexon, your player base, respect, profits and loyalty will all increase. Thank you and I hope you really take this into consideration.

If you are sick of Nexon's new updates and Jobs and you miss the old maplestory, sign this petition. We have to get as many signatures as we can get in order for nexon to listen to us and create a new v62 maplestory.

So please let Nexon know that we want change, for the greater good. I will fight for you and your rights.

Thank you for your time. Everything you fill in is optional, but please fill as much as you can and to the best of your ability so every signature is more valuable.

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