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I'm starting this petition to bring The Foster's TV show from the Freeform TV network back on the air for a season 6 and beyond. I want to target Freeform TV for this or maybe even Netflix or Hulu to pick it up. Too many talented actors losing their roles after so many years. This television show has improved and saved lives. The stories are absolutely beautiful and the characters are deeply loved around the world. The Foster's has brought us groundbreaking coming of age stories, love stories, stories about the foster system and adoption and the longing for a family. These amazingly talented actors deserve so much more. Please Freeform save this television show as the spinoff is just not enough and we need all the cast!!! Thanks for reading and signing!!

We, the undersigned, call on Freeform TV to save The Foster's television show and renew it for season 6 and beyond. The spinoff just isn't enough and doesn't include some of the most loves characters. Whether season 6 is brought to Freeform, straight to Netflix or Hulu just please save the show for many more seasons!!

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