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On September 12th 2002, the website www.fanfiction.net decided to close down the section which allows music fans to submit stories about their favorite bands, groups or singers.

We, the undersigned, as readers and writers of www.fanfiction.net disagree with the decision to close down the Music Groups category of the above mentioned website. We do not feel that writing about celebrities in this way is disrespectful to them, since we do it out of a sense of admiration of the person in question. We feel that the Music Groups section is an essential part of makes www.fanfiction.net special and sign this petition in an attempt to bring the section back.

We promise to, in the event that the category is brought back, abide by all the terms of service and any new rules that will be made to keep www.fanfiction.net a pleasant place to read stories. All NC-17 rated material will be kept of the server since it is inappriate to the younger readers that are likely to read our stories and we will do our best to keep www.fanfiction.net a friendly environment.

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