#Children's Rights
General Mills Incorporation
United States of America

Two years ago, I was 14 years old and I decided to make a petition to bring back Millsberry. While over 5000 signatures was a tremendous amount of support, we need more. Thanks to everyone who signed the last petition and continue to sign it.

Now we must reach a much higher goal of signatures if we want to save a newer generation. This program was amazing for my childhood and gave me so much knowledge that I wouldn't have known otherwise. Millsberry was a educational fun place where you learned about life, giving back, philanthropy, history, morals, ethics, and how to continue to be a kid while living in positive neighborhoods to suit your style.

Many teenagers and tweens today still wonder about the website that cancelled. We don't know what happened but it's time for them to BRING IT BACK or make a new one.


By signing this petition you hereby announce that you would like to participate in the Millsberry Movement. This will benefit our future generation of the youth to have fun and learn on Millsberry.

Let's BRING MILLSBERRY BACK and preserve our childhood. Sign Now. xo

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